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When I'm not working with clients on digital marketing strategies and when I'm not working on my company Walk Fido, I spend a good amount of time (not nearly enough) reading, writing and writing about my reading.

I love books, love interviewing the writers who write them and someday I do still hope to write a few books of my own.

I've spent my career working in online technologies and the intersection of technology and books is something that not only fascinates me but could help us develop tools that help combat literacy issues all over the world. I'm always up for a conversation about how new media tools can help us get more people to read.

Many of the books I write about are purchased by me for my reading pleasure. Some of the books I write about are pulled from the many complimentary copies I receive. My opinions and thoughts about each book are just that - mine. If I didn't dig it, I didn't. If I loved it, I loved it. If it was meh, so it was. To me. As it should be.

I'm particularly fond of literary fiction, short story collections and works in translation. A literary short story collection in translation would most likely blow my mind.

I can be reached at:
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